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Please Note Change of Address

New Address: PO Box 4330, Edmonton, AB, Canada T6E 4T3


Send order and payment to:

Litir Database
P.O. Box 4330
Edmonton, AB
Canada T6E 4T3

Queries & Information:

Phone: Editorial Office:
1405, 10149 Saskatchewan Drive
Edmonton, Alberta
Canada T6E 6B6
Corporate Office: 780 988 2166;
Fax: 780 988 2166;

Make your cheque payable to LITIR DATABASE. Cheques in Canadian dollar must be payable in a Canadian Bank, and in US dollar in a United States Bank.

PREPAYMENT REQUIRED. Books are printed on receipt of orders and payment. Once shipped, books cannot be returned for refund or exchange.

You may pay directly to the Credit Account of Litir Database Inc., The Bank of Nova Scotia, P.O. BOX 4369, Edmonton, Canada T6E 4T5. Litir Database, Inc. Account Number: 400890080713. Swift code: NOSCCATT Canadian Clearing Code CC0002 40089.
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