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Quennell, Peter, edGenius in the Drawing-Room. (London: Weidenfeld & Nicolson/ Washington, DC: New Republic), 1980. 187p.  [Rec #:30223]
Essays on the Literary Salon in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries.
Literary salons -

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Database Contents


Interdisciplinary in coverage, Victorian Database contains information on publications from 500+ journals on Painting, Architecture and Music; Philosophy and Religion; Histories of England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, and the British Colonial Empire; Sociology, Women’s Studies, Law and Education; Science, Technology and Medicine; and Literature - Drama, Poetry, Prose, and Fiction.


The database includes publications on the British Victorian period from about 1830 to the beginning of the War in 1914, which marked the end of what Walter E. Houghton calls the "late Victorian frame of mind."

It includes approximately 65,000 books, periodical articles and dissertation abstracts published from 1970 to 1997, and review citations of books published from 1995 onward.

Publications on the British Colonies are included in the database if they are on political and administrative matters, or if they have a bearing on the cultural relationship between Great Britain and her colonies during the period. For example, articles on "The Canadian Rebellion Losses Bill of 1849 in British Politics" and "English Christianity and the Australian Colonies, 1788-1860" are included, but an article of local interest, for example, "The First Epidemic of Asiatic Cholera in Lower Canada," is omitted.

For authors whose works overlap the beginning or end of the Victorian period, only those publications are included which have bearing on the period. For example, publications on Conrad's Heart of Darkness (1899), Lord Jim (1900), and Nostromo (1904), written within the coverage period (1830-1914) are included. On the other hand, some publications on works like Malthus's Principles of Political Economy (1820) are included because they have a significant bearing on the political and economic thought of the Victorian period.

Reissues of Victorian works are included if they contain new critical or textual notes. Facsimile reprints, reprints of serial editions and first editions are also included. Reports on meetings and discussions, editorial notes, and correspondence are generally excluded.

For more information on the contents of the Victorian Database Online, visit the LITIR Homepage.

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A beta version of the database will be available from January to April 1998 free for testing purposes. For more information on the availability of the Victorian Database Online, please contact:

Litir Database
c/o Department of English
University of Alberta
Edmonton, Alberta
Canada T6G 2E5

Phone: Editorial Office: 403-492-3258;
Business Office: 403-432-7116.
Fax: 403-492-8142.

For more information on the availability of this database in other formats, please see the Litir Database on Victorian Studies website.

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Database Technology

In its current beta or test phase, the database records are stored in a single Microsoft Access file. Connection to the Web, including results generation and print/download functionality, is provided by a series of applications using Cold Fusion, a Web application server technology available from Allaire. (For more information about Cold Fusion, please see the Allaire site at:

We welcome any comments or questions regarding our database technology.

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