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The Maiden of Calcutta

By Brahma

The Maiden of Calcutta is the famous but little known tale of Madame Grand who became a celebrity in Calcutta during the time of Warren Hastings, the first infamous slumlord whose tortures, briberies, and corruptions brought in a reign of terror in India and rocked the Parliament in England.

Hastings seduced Catherine, that was her name when she was just seventeen. Hastings gave her the impression that he would marry her. But he didn't. Instead, he married Marian, the wife of Baron Imhoff. Catherine was forced to marry his impotent private secretary, Mr. Grand, so that Hastings could enjoy her as his mistress.

In course of time, Catherine discovered what a great monster Hastings was when he hanged an innocent man, Prince Nanda Kumar, just because he had a relationship with Catherine.

Catherine found solace and love in Philip Francis, a powerful Councillor who was sent to India by the British government to contain the corruption and political murders of Hastings.

Hastings found a pretext to challenge Francis in a duel and kill him. But his plan failed. Francis escaped to London and Catherine to Paris.

Francis initiated a trial against Hasting in the Parliament. Though married, Francis continued his relationship with Catherine. Through his influence and power among the aristocracies and royalties in England and France, Francis was able to introduce Catherine to Napoleon Bonaparte.

Catherine dared Napoleon either to accept her warning not to invade England, or be doomed for his foolishness. Napoleon was outraged by Catherine's courage, but soon he found out the wisdom of the suggestion from the Beauty of Bengal.

Meanwhile, Catherine was attracted to Charles Talleyrand, the notorious Forein Minister of the Emperor. Napoleon made Catherine a Princess and commanded Talleyrand to marry her. Catherine started reigning in Paris as a paragon of beauty.

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